580 how to prevent these kinds of attacks

Jerusalem March 26, 2017

Dear people,

Peace and all good.

Last Wednesday there was again an attack in London by a 52 year old man, born in England. For the time being there is no answer to the question how to prevent these kinds of attacks. What strikes me that such people often have a background of drug use and petty crime. This seems more relevant than their religious background. That only comes in second place. Perhaps play guilt and a search for meaning in life a role.
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578 Bethlehem is waiting for you

Jerusalem March 12, 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

Netherlands knows the attention of the world settled the quarrel with Turkey. I think that is an underlying problem that the East is trying to show that it has enough of being belittled by the West for centuries. It is difficult to find an answer here.
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577 Louis Bohte

Jerusalem March 5, 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

I want to begin with something beautiful. The battle for the title of ‘Arab Idol’ is over. This time again going taking a Palestinian with honor. A few years ago it was a Palestinian from Gaza, this time again a Palestinian, but from Bethlehem! He is a cousin of my friend Mike from souvenir shop and is Syrian Orthodox. Last night he has performed in Bethlehem, which will undoubtedly have been a big party.
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576 Louis Bohte

Jerusalem February 26, 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

Last Sunday was remarkable. On Facebook, I received notification of three anniversaries: a former confrere, an Israeli, who Interfaith Encounter Association has founded and a Palestinian friend who is Muslim. The three monotheistic religions together next to the birthday of my eldest sister and the youngest son of friends of mine.
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