581 Each individual has his own history.

Jerusalem April 2, 2017

Dear people,

Peace and all good.

I again made a number of visits. But first last Monday I had a conversation with the Custos.

In advance, I had sent to him a number of points with a brief elaboration so that he also could prepare. The Custos took his time to talk, he showed himself a spiritual man. That is certainly needed here in the Custody. He knows that the Custody is a complicated business with operations in 10 countries and 40 nationalities. But I think it is also complicated how the brothers interact. Since it is sometimes difficult to get the finger behind it. Each individual has his own history.

I asked him if I could go back to Bethlehem. He referred to the statutes of the Custody, which stipulates that relocation is a matter of governance. I noticed that he has been sounded out if I can, but that the board clearly indicated not to be back here. But I can always write a letter. I have done that. I wonder what will be the answer.
In the afternoon I visited again Jack. He had a lot to say and a lot to show. He is a man who sees something useful in a lot of rubbish and also takes home to his free time to process it. Especially wood he can use it properly. He is a man with golden hands.

Tuesday I visited first Shorouq. She was sad, but when I come to visit, appears nevertheless always a smile on her face. I heard that there had been judged on the problems of her oldest brother, who was deceived by an uncle. See the previous letter. When I later called my friend Wisam, it showed that he had not had time to look at his case. The assertion that he could do nothing, is not even true. But actually, these people make themselves important by doing as if they know everything.

Afterwards, I visited another family whose mother worries with her health.

Wednesday I took it easy. From my friend Hadassah I heard that on the Damascus gate something would have happened. I had not heard sirens, but when I checked later on Ma’an News Agency, if there was something,

I read that a woman had attacked soldiers with scissors and was neutralized, as it is called in military terms or shot. I suspect that what happened in fact, is that a woman was caught out that she committed adultery and that was why her family had instructed her to attack soldiers at the Damascus gate. Then she will be shot. The honor of the family is saved. I have seen earlier this collision.

Hadassah, I visited Thursday. She is working on a project with the working title “Poetry to Heal a Split Society”. Eleven poems will be recited, each poem in Hebrew, Arabic and English. It must, therefore, be made a lot of translation. The intention is that this event will take place on July 4, after Ramadan. I watch what odd jobs I can deliver.

Friday I visited the family Al Azza. It was quiet, now none of the sons still at home. There were two women visiting, one of them is a family member. The other I saw her for the first time.
I heard from mother Al Azza, according to the Qur’an in Obadia Jesus was born, which lies a small 10 km further beneath Jerusalem.

Friday was also of Bethlehem marathon entitled Free Movement.
Yesterday I visited a family in our parish in Bethlehem. I had not been there in a while. Three generations living in the house. It struck me that the grandmother is a lot worse off than the last time I was visiting. The day before the eldest daughter was graduated of her study as a photographer at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The second daughter is studying in the US, where many relatives live. She hopes to finish her study in June. The son now studies at Bir Zeit University just north of Ramallah.

I heard a sad story. An eleven-year-old boy was fallen from his bike in Beit Sahour without head protection. His father went to a medical post and they sent him to the Hussein hospital in Beit Jala. There they took an X-ray scan but saw nothing special. The boy responded normally. The father insisted on a more special scan but was refused. There would be nothing to worry about. The boy needed just some rest. When his father would wake him up after an hour, he did not respond. The father went back to the hospital where the boy was operated. Blood was removed because he had a haemorrhage. It did not help. He was declared brain dead.

Trump is written much negative. But to understand something from him the following link interesting. It is clear that he is low literate:

A nice message that there is born a sheep with five legs in Zeeland, SW Netherlands. See:


To see a list of checkpoints: List

Enclosed I send them a story Toine Teeffelen the walled hotel;
a message from a demonstration of Jews and Palestinians in Jerusalem against the Israeli occupation,
a hopeful sign; a cartoon in the Gazet van Antwerpen with Trump, how he deals with the environment;
a peaceful picture on Facebook from Hajj MC;
a curve translation in Dutch, which I found on Facebook at the birthday of the father of Hajj MC
a piece of history Deheisha camp.

Greetings from Jerusalem, Louis

1 Ahmed Muhaysin Beschimmelde President.. Ondanks Uw Afwezigheid Tussen Ons en de Nieuwe Generatie Schrijven…

2 Cartoon Gazet Van Antwerpen Climate Policy US

3 Het Ommuurde Hotel

4 Hundreds of Jews and Arabs March in Jerusalem Against Israeli Occupation

5 Peaceful


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