577 Louis Bohte

Jerusalem March 5, 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

I want to begin with something beautiful. The battle for the title of ‘Arab Idol’ is over. This time again going taking a Palestinian with honor. A few years ago it was a Palestinian from Gaza, this time again a Palestinian, but from Bethlehem! He is a cousin of my friend Mike from souvenir shop and is Syrian Orthodox. Last night he has performed in Bethlehem, which will undoubtedly have been a big party.

The Palestinians could use such a pick-me. I was Friday in Bethlehem. I found it even for the Friday silent.

Another beautiful message is that soon a new hotel in Bethlehem will be opened with the worst view of a hotel. The hotel is in fact surrounded by the wall. The famous artist Banksy is the man behind this project. Last year there was an exhibition of him in Amsterdam. A photo of a room I add to this letter.

Friday I met George, who works in the Milk Grotto. He was happy to see me. For him, I am a familiar figure from whom he feels to appreciate him. I met two other friends: Mike and Rami, a pharmacist, with whom I have built up a good relationship.
A day earlier, Thursday, the birthday of the youngest of the three sisters. I have celebrated with them a party. Soon the mother’s birthday, and it is with the family quiet until late October.

Tuesday I visited Shorouq, where her married sister Raida was there too. I had not seen in a while. Hopefully, that there will be an improvement in the situation of Shorouq.
Last week I saw a documentary on the death of Pope John Paul I, who 33 days after his election as pope died totally unexpectedly. This documentary paints a murky picture of the Vatican, but it seems to me important to understand something of the world, where the current pope resides. Those interested in the history behind it, follow this ->link
Another interesting link gives a picture of Putin. In the media, he is portrayed rather negatively without himself to speak. Last year there was an economic forum in St. Petersburg. He had a conversation with some people. He spoke in his native language, but with English subtitles: link
There is plenty to do around Trump. It does not look very bright either.
He gets a lot of negative publicity. Investigative journalism does her work in bringing to light what is happening within the walls of the White House. To make public, what happens, is an important element of freedom of expression. This is in my view more important than that all and sundry but what calls without taking responsibility for what he or she calls.

I add to this letter:

1. a message from how you can deal with the present situation in a spiritual manner;

2. a message about outrage in Jewish circles about Trump’s suggestion that the reports on threats against Jewish institutions in the US would not be real;

a speech by Bernie Sanders at the annual meeting of Jewish organizations in the US over Israel Trump and the rising anti-Semitism in the US

Finally, an article on the anti-drug policy of Trump, which is interesting.

I know of an American confrere, who – I believe – is working on the border of Peru, where plane taking off from a small airport with drugs (cocaine) for the US There is also a garrison of the American military. Came a new commander and the flights stopped. After three weeks, which were resumed. The drug dealer had made a new appointment a new commander to resume flights for a tenfold charge. Now Trump wants to really make serious efforts to block this trade.

Greetings from Jerusalem, Louis






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