583 Easter

Jerusalem Easter 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

Despite all the violence in the world today, I wish everyone a blessed Easter.

I want to start with good news.

So I found on the internet the story of a woman from Birmingham, who stood up for another woman who was attacked by fanatical men from English Defense League. It Saffiyah Khan half-Pakistani, half-Bosnian, see attachment.

Search also with Google for more information.

The second good news is the finance minister of Indonesia, also a woman. She is a shining example to the world of finance. Sri Mulyani Indrawati is her name. See also attachment, an interview with her.
The following beautiful story concerns the nine year old Indian Ridhima Pandey, the daughter of a climate activist. She filed a complaint with a special court for environmental matters. She argues that the government’s own environmental laws do not apply to the interest of the future of children.

See Dutch http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20170408_02824601
In English: http://www.newstalk.com/Nineyearold-Indian-girl-sues-government-over-environmental-shortcomings

In Catherijne convent in Utrecht, the Netherlands, is an exhibition going on Mary, which attracts interest from all walks of life. A woman of this museum gives the explanation that people need to counterbalance hard politicians like Trump and Putin. I recognize it. I remember hearing a complaint from a German woman, that in the sixties, the veneration of Mary had almost disappeared from the church. The climate was much softer.

Finally showed my Syrian colleague Fran├žois Marie pictures of a niece of with her husband and their three children on a visit to the Pope. They live in Almere, the Netherlands. Also a Syrian novice has family living in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, there are negative messages. So a 25 year old British woman has been stabbed by a deranged Palestinian man of 57, who had just been released from a psychiatric clinic, at least according to Dutch Teletext. This happened close to our monastery in a light rail tram.

Yesterday I visited Shorouq. She showed me her back, which was medically treated after domestic violence. I suspect that jealousy plays a role here, because I love her and support her.

From American confrere I heard that on Wednesday the Israeli police had seized the Palestinian bread at the Jaffa Gate. This did not happen at the Damascus Gate. I suspect that it is linked to the Jewish Passover. Then Jews celebrate the exodus from Egypt in haste. There was no time to raise dough for baking bread. That is why Jews eat at Passover matzos and should be found not pinch of yeast in their homes. This is the origin of spring cleaning.

Jews going to the Wailing Wall, passing partly the Jaffa Gate and should not be confronted with bread.

There is an ancient Moroccan tradition of Mimouna, the Jewish-Moroccan after Pesach party ‘, where Moroccan Muslims bake bread for Jewish believers at the end of Passover. Look at Wikipedia.

Who wants to see pictures of the Earth at night, see:


As attachment I add further: a message about women priests in south eastern Portugal in the absence of the priest appointed by the bishop; a message from a Congresswoman from Hawaii who rises against Trump because of the threat of American intervention in Syria. She has twice completed a mission in Iraq and knows the misery of war from own experiences. Finally, a plea for a non-Western approach to the climate problem.

Greetings from Jerusalem, Louis

About Louis Bohte
president Commission JPIC of the Custody in the Holy Land at franciscans

excerpt of an interview by Thore Schroeder published 31.12.10 in HAARETZ.com

“By the time I was twelve I knew I wanted to become a Franciscan”, Louis Bohte recalls. But the friar, now 64, would never have thought he would one day be the manager of an 18-year-old Palestinian rapper in Bethlehem.
Looking after the career of hip hop artist Hajj MC has become an important part of his life. “For me it is a surprise to be on this road if you think about my age and my status,” says the monk who was born in Amsterdam. He grew up in a family of ten children that was strongly influenced by the father’s Catholic faith. “Although I was always critical I never rebelled.”

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