579 A surprise

Jerusalem March 19, 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

I want to start with something beautiful. Last Tuesday, when I went to visit Shorouq, also proved that her younger brother Yihya was at home. He had a surprise for me.

He had scoured Bethlehem to buy a good size wool cardigan for me (see last photo) as much for how I’ve helped him to come through his youth. He characterized his youth as anxious, which I totally understand. He was – like his sister Shorouq – an unwanted child and was treated as the scape goat, who was beaten for nothing and to whom relatives could explode.

I realized that, even if I could speak perfect Arabic, I could not stop this behavior. That’s why I chose each time, when I was visiting and had the opportunity, to embrace him to make him feel that I was on his side. I think Yihya was just 7 years old when I started this. I did this for over 10 years.

I realized, however, that this show of tenderness is important, but that showing tenderness is close to abuse. That was my response to the call of Pope Francis for a revolution of tenderness in his interview with the Belgian magazine Tertio last November. You have to be mentally mature to be able to display this carefully. He had to at all times feel safe with me. I had over and over again knowing what I did and why not to make lumps. Manifestly I managed it at Yihya.
He wants to continue to talk to me using on the Google translation program.
With Shorouq it seems to go in the right direction. There is a suitor screen. I hope this works out.

Tuesday was also the birthday of the mother of the three sisters. Therefor I went to visit them. The two elder sisters asked me to help them to buy a present for their mother, because next Tuesday is the Palestinian mother’s day and also New Year in Iran.

Early Monday morning at half past four, the time of the first prayer for Muslims I heard wailing sirens. A Palestinian was shot dead near the Lions Gate close to the Al Aqsa mosque. According to the version of the Israeli army the man had attacked two soldiers. According to the version of bystanders there was a discussion between the soldiers and the Palestinian, whom they sent outside the gate and then shot dead. See attachment.

Thursday I visited the family of Hajj. At one point I heard his father very negatively about Jews. I then let him through Google read about the American Jew Jeff Halper, who I know from the first time I arrived in the Holy Land. He is the Director of Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions. Then he appreciated Jeff Halper.

So it is obvious that you should never negative label a group l and you know good examples.
Saturday I visited a man I had not seen for a long time, Elias Tweime. He is in fact for many years bedridden after a stroke, or in a wheelchair.

On the way there a man from Georgia was next to me on the bus. He was together with his mother and sister on the way to the Nativity Church. I had a nice conversation with him. He currently lives in Volgograd or Stalingrad, as he calls the city. Stalin was a Georgian.
He said that he often had been in the Netherlands and especially in Leiden university, because he was concerned with human rights. He showed pictures of the Netherlands with among others, along a road with exit to Badhoevedorp.

Walking to Elias Tweime I met a man, who was close to selling souvenirs. I know him from a long time ago he had lost his both parents a half year ago.

To Elias Tweime I had a good talk, though he did not feel so good.

Walking back to the bus, a woman came up to me, who talked to me in German and apparently knew that I am a friar. Then spoke a man of a restaurant to me. He also knew me. I’m not him.
The elections in the Netherlands are over. I find it remarkable that the party lost eight seats, was declared the winner and the party, which won five seats, as was declared loser. See also a critical consideration of Joris Luyendijk in Dutch.

It seems that Trump is showing paranoid behaviour, because he wants to stick to his delusion that he has been eavesdropped.

Another important observation is that, according to German intelligence Muslim preacher Fethullah Gulen was not behind the failed coup last July in Turkey. However, it emerged that Erdogan was already purges in the army. That maybe triggered a number of people from the army to try to carry out a coup to prevent that they would be purged. This also makes understandable, how it was possible that Erdogan so quickly arrested so many people using lists which were already ready. See attachment.

I also add as attachment: an article about the shifts of Republican and Democratic voters, leaving entire regions are no longer mixed; an article on districts where Republican voters depend on Obamacare; an article about the dignity of migrants and an article of A Different Jewish Voice, which tells about how people in Israel and Palestine call themselves.

Greetings from Jerusalem, Louis

Attached: 7 articles and 30 pictures

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