580 how to prevent these kinds of attacks

Jerusalem March 26, 2017

Dear people,

Peace and all good.

Last Wednesday there was again an attack in London by a 52 year old man, born in England. For the time being there is no answer to the question how to prevent these kinds of attacks. What strikes me that such people often have a background of drug use and petty crime. This seems more relevant than their religious background. That only comes in second place. Perhaps play guilt and a search for meaning in life a role.

Then there’s Trump lost in his attempt to change the health legislation in the US. He was proud to suffer almost no loss in his life. How he’s going to handle this? Is he not derailing?
In the Netherlands, a new government will be formed. One problem is that in recent years it didn’t fit between two of the political leaders, necessary for a new government. This is an obstacle for the sustainability of a new cabinet.

Last week I occupied myself with a financial problem on the family of three daughters. Years back, the father naively promised an uncle to guarantee for a loan, which his uncle wanted to take from a bank. The uncle then quit his job and went to live on the loan, where his nephew has to pay back.

Here in the culture is still the story from the gospel running that failure to repay the debt, your turns in jail. That threatened for this father. I provisionally averted this and contacted my friend, who is a lawyer. He sees possibilities to solve the problem permanently. That friend and father now need to sit down. I hope this works.

Thursday I visited Owaineh family. It turned out that she was visited by two sisters with their children for a meal. Perhaps a follow up of their mother’s day.
Yesterday I finally visited a family who I had not seen for a few years after my move from Bethlehem. I know them through a son, whom I met in my beginning time in Bethlehem. That son is now for many years in the US and has no plans to return here.
The parents have in the past lived and worked for several years in Germany. The father still speaks some German.

In the past I always walked toward them from our community. It was a road that ran down. That’s more difficult for me. However, there runs a bus along their home, which starts near the Manger Square. I’ve managed to find now. Back I take the same bus that continues, but rather ends at the cinema.

The two youngest daughters are doing well. One has recently found a job as a secretary, and the other became a lawyer. Here she meets bad sides of people. Saints don’t need a lawyer.
When I got on the bus, I got to sit next to a man who had a son of seven years sitting on his lap. He has a problem with his child for he is both mute and autistic. It does not seem easy to have to raise such a child.

Another problem was the week to light. It appeared that Patrick Kluivert, a former football player, fell in the hands of a gambling syndicate with all its consequences. It seems to me a broader problem. The demands placed on professional athletes are so high that they as humans do not always sufficient respite. There is obviously a lack of attention to. This can lead to derailments.

I want to call attention to a letter from my fellow brother Bert Hagendoorn, I add as an attachment. He lives and works in Timika in the former Dutch New Guinea. He notes the impact of the arrival of the new US president He works with people who are infected with HIV and AIDS have been developed. From the side of the US the subsidy has been stopped. See the letter. He requires a small monthly supplement of 5 euros. Then he has the certainty of a fixed monthly income in order to continue his work.

I also add as attachment: an article about how a leader of the settlers wants to force the government to build new settlements; an article which the chairman of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, who is Catholic, is confronted with Jesus; an article on new tensions soon in Jerusalem with the Jewish Passover for the door and soon Ramadan, during which time it is 50 years since the six-day war was waged as the beginning of the occupation; an article on the Israel policy against people who promote boycott of settlement products; an article with an analysis of the first visit of the envoy of Trump to the Middle East; Two photos of a Muslim woman, taking on one picture reacted violently because she looked as if she doesn’t worry about one of the victims of the attack last Wednesday. The other picture shows the opposite, but about the two men, who were also present, has been said nothing. Finally a cartoon, which Trump dismisses the House of Representatives.

Greetings from Jerusalem, Louis

Attached: 8 articles and 30 pictures

1 Analysis on His First Visit to the Middle East, Trump’s Envoy Jason Greenblatt Surprises Everyone

2 and Jesus Said Unto Paul of Ryan

3 Israeli Ministry Trying to Compile Database of Citizens Who Support BDS

4 prejudgement

5 Renewed Tensions at Jerusalem’s Holy Esplanade

6 Settler Leader Blasts Lack of New Settlement Construction

7 Timika Stichting Bekommerd Om AIDS

8 you are all fired


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