578 Bethlehem is waiting for you

Jerusalem March 12, 2017

Dear friends,

Peace and all Good.

Netherlands knows the attention of the world settled the quarrel with Turkey. I think that is an underlying problem that the East is trying to show that it has enough of being belittled by the West for centuries. It is difficult to find an answer here.

Last Monday, the guardian of Bethlehem was here, he said to me: Bethlehem is waiting for you.

Last week I almost every day made one or more visits. So I visited Monday the family, I know by a German couple. It was a pleasant visit. When I entered, the son, Yousef, had a friend, Peter, to visit, who is deaf and dumb. He has several friends who are Christian. He himself is Muslim. A good social development.

The youngest daughter Mirna is now really a teenager. She seems to love me. She at least had bought a present for me, a cross. So I have to bear many crosses.

When I was almost home, I met Maria Khoury, the woman of Taybeh beer festival in autumn. My rapper Hajj MC has there performed once. She would like it, as he once again comes for a performance. To this end Hajj prepared. I had Skype contact him. He is doing well. He told a funny story. He smokes and in Boulder it is only allowed to smoke on a limited number of places. When he once was smoking, came a student from London to him and asked for a cigarette against a payment of $ 1. Hajj gave a cigarette, but refused the dollar. He said that he came from Bethlehem, Palestine. The woman reacted: so you are a terrorist. She began kissing him all over his face. Furthermore Hajj has signed up for American Idol. He is accepted.

Tuesday was at the so-called DCO, a kind of checkpoint, at the entrance to Beit Jala an additional check by the Israeli army. I suspect that this had to do with an incident the day before, when an armed man from Al-Walaja village, near Bethlehem started shooting at Israeli soldiers in Ramallah. He was shot and his body was taken. His body should be released to his family on Thursday. An attachment is an extensive story about this man, who has been repeatedly arrested and whose family suffered under occupation from 1948 on.

On Thursday I visited friends in Dar Salah, a village between Beit Sahour and the Judean Desert. It was a pleasant visit. I support the youngest daughter.
Friday I visited Sana in her new home. It turned out that the house was built from the birth of her daughter Nouran in 2000 on. Whenever there was some money, a section was added. It has become a nice house with an unobstructed view. It is located south of Bethlehem, where a tangle of roads run.

Yesterday I visited the family, whose father was killed last summer was shot by an Israeli soldier, attacking him with a screwdriver. I had a good conversation with the eldest son. I heard that someone from the village of Beit Fagar lives in the Netherlands.
I follow from some distance the elections in the Netherlands next Wednesday. I get the impression that it is difficult for national politics to stabbing the Dutch Waterline to reach the rest of the Netherlands.

By the way, I wait still on the papers to vote.

I enclose a letter from Toine Teeffelen to the new Arab Idol, Ya’coub Shaheen. It is interesting that Arabs support Palestinian as opposed to their governments. Furthermore, they do not distinguish between Christians and Muslims, for many Muslims voted for the Christian from Syrian Orthodox house


Greetings from Jerusalem, Louis


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