491 isis gaining ground in libya threatens nearby Italy

Bethlehem March 1, 2015

Dear friends,

Peace and all good.

Monday night was an incursion of the Israeli army in Deheisha camp looking for someone. A young man called Jihad, who was standing at the roof of a house to look what was going on, was shot dead.

He belonged to a group of five close friends, one of whom was shot dead near Aida camp unprovoked two years ago. That was Saleh. The third friend is Mohanad, who is in an Israeli prison for the third time and comes to court this week.

The fourth is Yihya. He arrived last Wednesday to visit me, completely upset by the death of his good friend Jihad. He is now completely alone, for the fifth friend, Ibrahim, went to Israel to work there.

Yihya now wants to be a martyr to be reunited with Jihad and Saleh and went to Aida camp for several days to throw stones and so provoking that he would be shot. But until now, it didn’t happen. Every day he comes to visit me. It requires a lot of concentration from me to pull him out of the pit. The point was to let him feel well where he is at that moment. Then he feels understood and less lonely.

Yesterday he became 18. I could celebrate a little with him this. I sensed progress with him, but there is still a long way to go before he really feels better.

Friday I spoke with the Custos of my hospitalization. This requires to arrange several things. Once this has been done, I hear about it afterwards.
The delay of my hospitalization has been good to be able to assist Yihya.

Jack came to visit last Sunday to talk to me. An older sister of his mother passed away on my birthday. He was working as a security guard from the office of UNRWA in Jerusalem. He had to deal with snow and fierce thunder that gave sharp white blinding light, because as a guard he should also go outside to walk around the building. His roster will change from day shift three days of 12 hours, three days off, three days night shift and again three day off by turning to services of 8 hours. This is, first of 7 to 3 pm the next day from 3 to 11 pm and then the next day from 11 pm to 7am etc. This does not seem nice, because in this way he doesn’t have one day free.

ISIS will initially attract attention. There is on YouTube to see a propaganda movie, where a 17 year old Australian defending ISIS: see


It makes you think how it is possible that young Western people like ISIS so much. What is the underlying current that makes this possible? If we do not address this question, this problem will continue to proliferate. As attachment I add a card to that shows how important the situation in Libya is to the security of southern Europe. Another attachment is ​​an article of on ISIS in Libya in the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

How small our world has become, shows an article about the Uighurs who live in North West China and are a Turkic people. They eventually flee to Turkey, where they are pushed to fight in Syria.

John Pilger, Australian journalist, writes about the rise of fascism today. Related to this an article about how the US sees itself as an exception to the international legal order.

For me closer to home is an article on the elections in Israel and finally a message about the killing of a Palestinian man in Deheisha camp, Jihad, friend of Yihya. The photo of the wall at this article is an example of deception, because to Deheisha camp there is no wall.

I do not know when my next letter will come. That depends on my treatment in Haifa.

Greetings from Bethlehem, Louis

© 2015 Louis Bohte

attachments – (on Scribd):

1 Curtain Coming Down on Erdoganu2019s Excellent Uyghur Adventure
2 Map ISIS Libya
3 Netanyahu s True Electoral Rival
4 Palestinian Killed by IDF in West Bank Refugee Camp
5 The Rise of Fascism is Again the Issue
6 the Unwritten American Rules of the Road
7 Trouw About Isis in Libya

About friar Louis Bohte OFM

president Commission JPIC of the Custody in the Holy Land
franciscans Palestinian Territory
Religious Institutions
August 2004 – Present (10 years 6 months)

☛ interview on Haaretz (webpage)


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