490 thunderstorm and snow.


Bethlehem February 22, 2015

Dear friends,

Peace and all good.

Last Friday was my birthday adorned with thunderstorm and snow. The world was white, when I got up. On such a day Bethlehem is abandoned.

Only children come out to play in the snow. This means for example, that our staff stays at home and we have to see how it is cooked.

Due to the expected snow on Thursday Shorouq, Yihya, Raida and their mother visited me to surprise me for my birthday. That was fun. Because the space in which I usually receive them, got a little makeover, I received them in the next room, which looks very chic with a real throne. Taking turns, they went down into it to be photographed.

Monday came Shorouq with her three nieces ​​to celebrate the birthday of the oldest, Amal, who was 10 years. Amal means hope.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting for the return of the Custos to go to a hospital in Haifa in order to be treated to my legs, if it is possible.

The eldest granddaughter of my Polish friends, Ola, her situation is considerably worse. She lies in a hospital with acute leukaemia. Medications not catch on. Pray for her.

The death of 21 Coptic Christians is horrible. I have a nasty feeling. When in last June I wrote my report on Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation, I warned in the last sentence for Isis as a threat to the entire Middle East. I had no idea then how true those words were. The next question is: what in ISIS attracts young people?

I made Lawrence happy with a print of the 15 diseases that Pope Francis diagnosed in the Vatican. He wants to meditate this. He also broadens the disease to other organizations.

Less is known of this pope how he changed from a conservative and authoritarian provincial of the Jesuits in the man he is now. Concrete experiences with the bottom of society led him to his current position. It’s similar to how Archbishop Romero a conservative man became a bishop, who stood on the side of the ordinary people, who suffered from the violence of its own government, and therefore was killed.

Now a lone wolf sown death and destruction in Copenhagen. No man is born as a lone wolf, but how is it that a man becomes a lone wolf? I have my own ideas about thanks to the work of the English psychologist Bolwby, who studied attachment. He found that those born show attachment after 70 days. I have been able to see this confirmed at a friend, who gave her new-born daughter the bottle. When I talked about attachment, she said, that her daughter that day was just 70 days old and for the first time looked at her. Previously, her eyes roamed around.

I think that those who do not get a chance to attach itself, there is the risk of becoming a lone wolf. Schools should have a preventive role to play here.

I read of the week on the list, published by Reporters Without Borders, that the US is on place 49.

I did this time many attachments in plenty:
I got a message from a failed coup in Venezuela on 12th of February. I was surprised about this because I had not heard of it. I searched via Google translation in Spanish at Google. And indeed, there was a coup. See:


In Spanish:


There is unrest after the arrest of the mayor of Caracas. See also attachment Venezuela with a report about the coup and an interview with John Pilger, an independent journalist from Australia, on Venezuela.

An attachment is ​​about a young man from Ecuador, who as a 10 year old child went with a young woman to Seattle to discover how his tribe in the Amazon area can survive intrusion from the outside world in the habitat of his tribe, a task he shall father received. See also:


An attachment deals with the licensing of Palestinians, how that works out in practice. It is an AEI study written by Toine van Teeffelen, a Dutchman, who works for AEI.

An attachment deals with the case Rachel Corrie, who was killed by a bulldozer in Gaza in March 2003, at the Supreme Court in Israel.

An attachment is ​​about a boy of 17, who was recruited by Isis to blow up as a suicide bomber among people, but what was prevented. This is followed by an article on ISIS, Libya and Italy.

An attachment deals with Ukraine on the way to a major war. Note that it is remarkable that in the newly agreed truce the US and Britain were not party just as the rebels. See the photo on the front lines.

Finally, an article about Islamophobia and about hatred against Jews in the US. I add a few pictures of the snow.

Greetings from Bethlehem, Louis

© 2015 Louis Bohte

attachments – (on Scribd):

1 Case Rachel Corrie Dismissed
2 Homeward, Boy From Ecuador
3 Isis, Libya and Europe
4 Islamophobia
5 Mainstreaming Jew Hatred in America
6 on the Way to War on Russia
7 Permits Report 2015
8 Venezuela
9 Zelfmoordterrorist, 17 Van is Getuigt in Tranen Ik Zou Recht Naar de Hemel Gaan

About friar Louis Bohte OFM

president Commission JPIC of the Custody in the Holy Land
franciscans Palestinian Territory
Religious Institutions
August 2004 – Present (10 years 6 months)

☛ interview on Haaretz (webpage)


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