488 the selective outrage in the mainstream media about burning defenseless

Bethlehem January 25, 2015
Dear people,
Peace and all good.

Dear people,

Peace and all good.

In itself, I have a quiet week behind, but there is something to report.

Last Sunday in our church for the first time the feast of Don Bosco, the founder of the Salesians, was celebrated. After the celebration came Odette Sleiby, the wife of Anton Sleiby to me, completely dressed in black. I looked strange, but what appeared was that the youngest sister of Anton Sleiby had fallen from the roof and had died. Very tragic.

My rapper Hajj MC has established the first hip-hop school of Palestine and made me a member. He is busy with the organization around hip-hop at Palestine: two days in Bethlehem and one day in Ramallah. I’ll see what comes of it. I get assigned a role.

Tuesday I got a visit from mother Owaineh. She was in the nearby and wanted to speak me. She is always worried about her children, but since the death of her husband she stands alone. That is not easy.

Yesterday I had a visit from Shorouq. She loves to visit me, but has not always money to come to me. She made a great observation. According to her, I studied psychology because I know what is going on inside people. This meant this includes that she and her brother Yihya want to be free, free from the family after the violence that they have undergone in their life as unwanted children. I think they have found each other by this comment from my side. Shorouq shows a growing wisdom and understanding and faith in Allah, a conscious Muslima, I like simple friar stand at the cradle. Yet particular. But it gives me a responsibility in the present time.

Later passed my dentist by. He had celebrated the birthday of his girlfriend Nadja and brought some sweet for me. That was a nice surprise.

Earlier in the day I travelled with my neurologist to Hebron to hear of his colleague what the results of the test were last week Saturday. It remains a difficult business. For the specialist, the problems are too complicated to treat me. In itself this is of course good that he knows the limits of its capabilities. I appreciate this. But now I need to find a specialist who can help me.

Of course the whole world was shocked by the horrific murder on the Jordanian pilot. Now I had last Sunday, two days before the murder became known, downloaded an article entitled ‘The elephant in the room’, where Western values were taken on the grain and the selective outrage in the mainstream media. In this article, there was mentioned a practice in India, which is just as horrible.

→ bride-burning

There is a habit to burn alive a bride who the family of the groom doesn’t like. But we hear nothing about. I add this article as an attachment to this letter. The article goes mostly on Israeli politics alongside other abhorrent practices. What are our Western values worth?

It seems a good idea as to place the Israeli policy in a broader context to make it as visible, that our world is far from perfect and there are many evil exists that escapes our attention.

Another way is to take a look at the many sources of problems and injustice in our world. A list of these I found at Facebook of a Lebanese friend of mine. See attachment list of problems in our world. It’s in French, but easy to follow, I think. The list is not complete. It does not seem easy to remain cool and not to give up the courage. We do have the gift of a pope that is clear: Pope Francis.

Now he made a comment this week, which will not everyone appreciate, namely the pedagogical tap. I remember a statement by a director of a centre of youth help. He spoke of pedagogical handicrafts. He had studied remedial education. Then you do not expect so soon such a statement. I think that here is a careful observation necessary.
What course is rightly rejected the vent anger on a child. I have seen examples of it. No misunderstanding.

But sometimes it is in the best interest of the child to set limits. Not always it helps to talk. The talk is a rational approach to a child who misbehaves and this may be invited to drive through his will. Talking is seen as a weakness.

We know the saying: Who does not want to hear, has to feel. This involves a controlled tap and not uncontrolled venting of anger. I think that the child in question feels that there is something wrong and so is brought to his mind. Here it is also good to remember that a child can be hurt with words, while physically nothing happens.

I add some other attachments to: an attachment on Syrian refugees, an agreement about boat refugees between Australia and Cambodia, and one about the war in the Sinai, one about the developments in the relationship between Israel and the US and one about the different meanings for different people of the concept of Zionism. Greetings from the now cooling Bethlehem for a nice pre-summer week, Louis

© 2015 Louis Bohte

attachments – (on Scribd):

→ 1 – Dear Syria From One Refugee to Another
→ 2 – List of Problems in Our World

→ 3 – Refugee Deal a Political Gimmick

→ 4 – The Elephant in the Room the Origin of Modern Terror and Crumbling Western Values
→ 5 – The Great War of Sinai
→ 6 – The Tragic Tear in US-Israel Relations
→ 7 – Zionists All

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