485 Arab generation of peace

Bethlehem January 18, 2015
Dear people,
Peace and all good.

The aftermath of the attacks in Paris is preliminary incalculable. So last Thursday I got a visit from Muhammad Owaineh. The conversation was about the consequences for him from the attacks. He noted growing Islamophobia. He feels taken in the rod.

He himself is clear: killing is killing. No excuse for this. Nevertheless, some find that he is on the side of the terrorists and others that he is on the side of the West. A third position does not seem possible. I pointed to the Indian logic, which boils down that a statement is yes, no, or otherwise.
He wanted me to write an article questions about the attacks. I could reassure him, because I was already busy with writing a story about what happened. It’s finished now and I’ve emailed it him for translation. Once the translation is completed, I send it to the man who maintains the website. Meanwhile, it seems that the article about ISIS attracts attention. The number of visitors in the last 24 hours was more than 2000:

☛ arab generation of peace

This is my contribution to the fight against extremism.

I received support for my analysis from a friend of mine who is an emeritus professor, someone who has a high level of thinking. But question is of course, what measures should be taken to the current problems to master.

Last Sunday almost simultaneous visit Sana was with her daughter Nourhan and Shorouq. That was a pleasant gathering. I stimulate that women can support each other. They exchanged their phone number.
Yihya came also several times to visit me, like his sister Shorouq. It strikes me that they take the word God in their mouth as a reality in their lives. In this regard, I am working on an exciting venture. In another context, I wrote an article about the statement of Augustine: “God is closer to me than I am near to myself.”

My simple conclusion is that if you bring people closer to themselves, you bring them closer to the Lord, as I like to express me. People come closer to themselves, if you carefully listen to them. This means listening carefully, that people do not need to defend themselves and know to be understood. That’s exactly that I notice at Shorouq and Yihya.

The appeal of this approach is that it is not about power of religious leaders about people. Fore then men oppose. The idea is to bring people closer together in a manner that is beneficial and makes people feel less alone. It asks to spend time together

I think, therefore, that the crisis of faith that they are enduring, comes from a feeling among people that religious leaders try to show authority which they seems to get from the Eternal. But that is not the way works. Then they put prescriptions on people. That causes resistance.
With my health I notice little change, but I am wiser with the knowledge about the problems that are combined. My vessels are a problem, a family ailment. Next week on Monday I do hear further from the specialist, what is possible.

Last Monday I got a visit from my dentist, Mohammed, son of Sana. It was a whole conversation about how his father, who almost 7 years ago by an Israeli death squad was slain with three other Palestinians, educated Mohammad. Resistance to the occupation should mainly rely on yourself through study.
I add some attachments: four articles deal with the aftermath of the attacks in Paris and one is about the deliberate judgment of Augustine.

One of the four articles is from of Uri Avnery, waving in the first row. He refers in particular to what happened during the Algerian independence war, namely, that the majority of Jews in Algeria sided with France. I suspect that this choice for France is an important explanation for the anti-Israeli stance of Arabs. So they see Israel as a continuation of the colonial occupation, as my friend Hadassah told me once. It is therefore not a matter of anti-Semitism, which is nonsense in itself because Arabs are Semites.

Greetings from Bethlehem, Louis.

© 2015 Louis Bohte

attachments – (on Scribd):

☛ 1 After Paris, Whither the BDS Movement
☛ 2 Charlie Hebdo Fallout, Specter of Fascist Past Haunts European Nationalism
☛ 3 Deus Interior Intimo Meo
☛ 4 the Paris Effect That Wasnu2019t
☛ 5 Waving in the First Row

About friar Louis Bohte OFM

president Commission JPIC of the Custody in the Holy Land
franciscans Palestinian Territory
Religious Institutions
August 2004 – Present (10 years 6 months)

☛ interview on Haaretz


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